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World Conservation Week


We do not inherit Earth from our ancestors we borrow it from our children. We at Vidya Mandir Public School Sector- 15A Faridabad feel honored to have observed the “World Nature Conservation Week” an inspirational event for which a plethora of activities were conducted that were spread over the course of a week. The school designed a presentation which explained the importance of healthy environment, the students took a pledge and signed the pledge board to protect and conserve the natural resources .A workshop was conducted on recycling and waste management where students were explained the difference and the use of green and blue bins. The little ones living close by were encouraged to ask daddies to carpool to minimize the effects of pollution and greenhouse emissions. Students through a short play accentuated the problems like pollution, deforestation and depletion of resources. Principal Mr. Anand Gupta stated that such small acts lead to big impacts and that we should all participate in saving our planet. He motivated the students to use limited resources judiciously.